NTAC Peering

5/19/09 In attendance: Jeff Bartig, David Crowe, Matt Davy, Ken Lindahl, Paul Lustgraf, Darrell Newcome, Rob Vietzke, Steve Wallace Agenda

1.            Agenda bash

2.            Update from Internet2 on peering (Steve Wallace)

3.            Other topics


Jeff mentioned that the group looking at CPS and TR consolidation will be requesting feedback from this group on equipment. Routers will be placed at each exchange point and will be connected with 10G circuits.  This group will be asked for feedback on routers.


Update from Internet2

Interntet2 has been working closely with CENIC and PNWGP and taking opportunities to make upgrades (equipment, exchange point) that support a consolidated solution.  In terms of upgrades for fall, there will be a 20G connection into Ashburn which will allow traffic balance, better resiliency, and will meet the peering minimums for more networks.  The plan is to equip Ashburn consistent with the consolidated service, taking into account price and availability.


Other upgrades include 10G connections in Chicago and Seattle.  By fall of 2009, the capacity will be about double of that today over more exchange points resulting in better resiliency.  Chris has contacted SIX and the upgrade is in process.




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