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NTAC-Peering and Routing WG 


David Crowe

Michael Lambert

John Hess

Ryan Vaughn

Joe St. Sauver

Pete Siemsen

Jeff Bartig

Darrell Newcomb

Tom Knoeller

Chris Robb

PJ Clayton


Darrell reported on the general peering service and consolidation. On the peering service Netflix continues to add connectivity. Traffic is building slowly but surely. Anticipated to grow to perhaps 10-20 G. It is less then 5 G now. On the consolidation side it is down to the last few connectors that need to be moved. It is time that a deadline for moving them all get set and this process get finished. Other notes, The Chicago Exchange facility is set to upgrade on thursday (22nd) and Ashburn within a few weeks. The hardware for upgrading the Southern path (to LA via Houston) is mostly in place. The upgrade should happen yet in March.

Discussion on the Noc outage reporting change for dual homed sites. The general view is that the transition is fine. The group just wanted the calendars with outage information to be organized a little differently. Right now the information is fairly scattered and hard to find. Chris Robb indicated he would work with the NOC and system staff on making some changes. Something like a dashboard on the front page showing 1) what is happening now and 2) what is planned for the next 36 hours. That approach met with general agreement.

On the v6 policy issue, Darrell had not had time to complete this, he will continue to work on it.

As reported last month SNAPP graphs are now available.

Southern Circuit and Dallas Node:

Completion of the southern path (LA- Ashburn via Houston) is on track for the end of the month. This will serve to increase redundancy and will help with latency in some cases. The Dallas node is not yet connected to the other nodes. The plan was to follow up on the local use and later add backbone links. The long haul segments to connect Dallas will be completed in the next few weeks. The metro segments were requested in Feb but Darrell was not aware of the state of progress on these. He was working with Randy Brogel on this. This metro piece is required to connect the long haul segments to the exchange point as the long haul segments do not go through the exchange point. Basically the metro segments fill that gap.

This node when in place should help to reduce latency for many sites that now go to either Chicago or Ashburn for traffic.

When this is inserted into the mix of sites there will not be a dedicated circuit to connect Dallas. TR-CPS to the Dallas router will be down as psuedo-wires to the other nodes. Dedicated capacity would be the next stage as required.

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