NTAC Peering WG

In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, Leo Donnelly, Caren Litvanyi, Bill Owens, Dave Pokorney, Rob Vietzke, Steve Wallace

1.    IPv6 migration to CPS
All connectors that are currently doing IPv6 with internet2 have been contacted regarding the migration.  Of the 26 total:
10 are completed, either migrated or declined to participate
3 are nearly migrated (just wrapping up loose ends)
3 are in progress (active conversations between v6 user and NOC)
2 are discussing internally whether to participate or not
7 have been contacted without response
1 has opened a ticket and yet to be contacted by NOC

2.    CPS update
Caren reported that, in the past month, two additional peers were added and there was one additional peering with existing peer. She added that there are 214,500 total routes from peers with 80,700 unique prefixes and there are 865-925 connector prefixes that Internet2 sends to peers.

Caren reported that the NOC systems people are working on tools that will be useful to Caren and she will be able to share output with Peering working group.

3.    Date for CPS Quarterly Report
The quarterly update will be provided at the NTAC meeting at the SMM.

4.    Other topics
Bill Owens initiated a discussion regarding the Akamai issue that surfaced last week.  Steve will send a note to the larger NTAC indicating that it was noted on the call that CPS peers with Akamai and to encourage them to include this in their thinking regarding Akamai.

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