NTAC Peering Group
In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, Steve Corbato, Matt Davy, Leo Donnelly, Dave Farmer, Mark Johnson, Lonnie Leger, Ken Lindahl, Steve Petko, Dave Pokorney, Dave Reese, Chris Robb, Linda Roos, Christian Todorov, Heather Todorov, Rob Vietzke, Steve Wallace, Jim Williams, Linda Winkler, Matt Z
As many people attended the NTAC peering call for the first time, Jeff Bartig provided a description of the mission of the peering group.  The group meets once a month and typically hears a peering report from Internet2.  Recently, the group has been involved the migration of IPv6 peers to CPS.  He mentioned that anyone with interest in peering issues is invited to join the group.
Jeff mentioned that the main agenda item for today's meeting is to review the March 25 CPS/TR meeting that will be held in Ann Arbor.  He introduced Rob Vietzke.  Rob Vietzke thanked Jeff for allowing this discussion to occur during the peering call.  Rob referred to the slide deck that was circulated.  Rob mentioned that he is going to cover the process that led to the document as well as the ways that CPS and TR could be consolidated.
At the StateNets 2008 meeting, there was a discussion regarding consolidating CPS and TR and work began on a framework that could take the discussion to a decision point.  During the past year, a discussion has occurred with Council Chairs and Vice Chairs. During the summer, there was a call with Dave Reese because TR is run by CENIC (TR runs over NLR but is run by CENIC).  Asked to consider five points when creating one or more proposals to bring to the community.  A proposal was brought to CENIC Board in the fall of 2008.  Rob mentioned that both CPS and TR plan to invest in expansion.  If the services are combined, it is expected that there would be a 10-15% growth in peers and also have more interest from current peers. Rob went on to say that the consolidation attempted to protect the best of each service.  Rob mentioned that they wanted to ensure that a fully viable service remained in place with good replication of TR infrastructure as well as CPS infrastructure.  Rob emphasized that transparency and governance are central to this.  Rob also indicated that IPv6 and multicast would be included in the combined service.
Rob briefly described some plans for the architecture of the combined service.  Plans for the architecture continue.  Governance plans are still being determined as are fees.
Questions were invited from the group and discussion ensued.

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