NTAC Peering and Routing
In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, David Crowe, Cas D'Angelo, Dale Finkelson, John Hess, Michael Lambert, John Moore, Darrell Newcomb, Linda Roos, Scott Taylor, Steve Wallace
1.    Request to review BTOP network design
2.    Update from Internet2 on peering
3.    Update on CPS/TR consolidation implementation
4.    BGP Community Controls for TR/CPS Participants document
1.    Request to review BTOP network design
John Moore, NTAC Chair, have talked about the BTOP proposal.  Good thought put into the proposal but less time for community feedback. George Loftus, AOAC Chair, agreed that it would be a good idea to provide feedback on the proposal.  John mentioned that several things in the proposal are in need of further community feedback:
-addition of low latency layer
-increase in redundancy in backbone consistent with additional router layer
-10G and 100G backbone links
The peering/routing working group was identified as a good group to do this analysis.  John mentioned that he would like for the Peering/Routing to discuss and provide feedback on the timeframe for a short report (similar in scope to the Sonet/MPLS report provided by the NTAC during the fall of 2009).  John mentioned that the BTOP proposal has yet to be funded.  John encouraged the P/R wg to look at this in light of what would be important whether the funding is received or not.  John shared some diagrams with Jeff to support this project.  Jeff asked for some high-level text to accompany the diagrams.  Dale and Steve mentioned that there isn't much engineering detail in the proposal.  Jeff requested that the NTAC peering and routing group have a conversation with the engineers assigned to the BTOP project.  Dale will work for Jeff to bring together the appropriate people for a discussion.  Jeff reiterated that this group will review the layer 3 information.  John said that a separate conversation is likely to commence surrounding 40G and 100G connectivity.
2.    Update on CPS/TR consolidation implementation
Steve Wallace mentioned that there are a couple of weekly meetings.  One includes people from GRNOC, CENIC, PNW, Internet2 to talk about the procedures for GRNOC to be the call center for the combined service.  Additionally, there is work being done on identifying a common set of tools for the combined service.  Darrell mentioned that the World Cup traffic has been handled well.
3.    BGP Community Controls for TR/CPS Participants document
John Hess mentioned that Michael Lambert asked about community controls in the TR/CPS network and he had earlier sent a document to the list to address this.  CPS connectors will have same controls in consolidated network (selective pre-pending, black holing traffic, etc.).  Jeff mentioned that CPS users will have superset of functionality from before.  Discussion ensued.

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