NTAC Peering and Routing


Ben Bartsch

David Crowe

Michael Lambert

John Hess

Jeff Bartig

Darrell Newcomb

Chris Robb

Linda Roos

Leo Donnelly

Chris Spears

John Hernandez

There were not suggested changes in the agenda.

Darrell reported on TR-CPS:

There were two 10G circuits in Chicago and in Ashburn added between the TR-CPS routers and the T1600's. This has provided a good deal more headroom. Some of the backbone links have been augmented as well. New York to Chicago is done, Chicago to DC is scheduled but not done, it is still in process. There is a cross country link also still pending. It is expected yet in January.

The consolidation is progressing. There are about a 1/2 dozen sites left, work continues on these.


Historically communities have been offered by I2 to help with routing policy. The question has come up "Do we need more communities for the NET+ services?". In fact we do currently tag  the NET+ services. These are documented on the NOC web page:


The proposal is to provide the same level of communities for NET+ as we do in general for TR-CPS.

Having the option of turning off specific participants in the NET+ services would benefit everyone. The BGP community would be useful for troubleshooting or working on temporary issues.

If it were deployed on the R&E side would it just be for NET+ or would it extend to other groups:

all other users

Per AS level

International peers

just peer networks

South America, or North America, or Europe or Asia

Typically the commercials do use communities on a per site basis but they do occasionally grouped them by continents.

Jeff suggested:

He would write up a proposal for Per ASN controls, class level controls (All NET+). The value of such controls seems to outweigh the danger. There is some uncertainly about the cost vs effort that needs to be considered. Per AS is probably the most useful to the end sites.

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