NTAC Peering

2/17/09 In attendance: Jeff Bartig, Dave Farmer, Caren Litvanyi, Dave Reese, Chris Robb, Linda Roos, Rob Vietzke, Steve Wallace, Linda Winkler, Matt Z Agenda

1.             Internet2 Update

2.             CPS planning

3.             Other Topics  1.     Internet2 Update

Caren Litvanyi mentioned that she has been bringing up v6 peerings at various sites in the US with one provider.  Another provider asked for v6 peering on both coasts.  A third provider asked for v6 peering.  A few smaller providers have asked for v6 peering and Caren is working on that.  The v6 peering appears to be taking off nicely.  UEN is now using CPS.  One of the engineers has been updating the graphs.  The v6 connectivity map currently shows both commercial and R&E connections on the map and will be updated to show only R&E. 2.     CPS Planning

Steve Wallace reported that there was a meeting in January.  They outlined a set of options that will drive planning for CPS. An email was sent to connectors asking if there were any discontinuities expected in the future use of CPS. Good information was gained from the query.  Some reported expected gains in use of CPS.  The full report will be provided to the full NTAC in the future.  One consideration for future planning is obtaining additional capacity in the exchange points.  Increases in CPS capacity will occur to accommodate fall increases. 3.     Adding Additional Peerings

Jeff Bartig brought up the issue of additional peerings with Akamai and community input on this issue was requested by the Internet2 staff.  Internet2 has current peerings with Akamai in many locations. The only location that doesn't have peering is Chicago and they allow only private peering there.  Akamai is planning to be in a public exchange in Chicago soon.  This appears to be a case of turning up another peer that is a content-hosting network.   4.     Other topics

There is a separate peering with routeviews from cps.  Many use routeviews for reachability information.  

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