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  • August 19, 2008
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NTAC Peering
August 19, 2008

In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, Cort Buffington, Leo Donnelly, Dale Finkelson, Michael Lambert, Bill Owens, Chris Robb, Linda Roos, Paul Schopis, Steve Wallace

1.            Agenda bash
2.            Update from Internet2 on CPS
3.            Update on migration of IPv6 peers to CPS
4.            Other topics

1.            Update from Internet2 on CPS
Chris Robb mentioned that Internet2 is working on additional 10 gig of bandwidth in Chicago.  Would prefer to have additional fiber and also looking at putting passive equipment on current fiber.  The fiber is lossy and have had some technicians clean the jumpers and reshooting the fiber and continue to work on isolating the problem on the fiber.  There is continued work on obtaining fiber in the Chicago area.

Chris also mentioned that work is occurring in NY.  Technicians are migrating the switch to fiber meet-me room.  There will be a brief outage when the switch is moved to the new floor.  There will be changing connectivity with the move.  This move is to occur within a couple days of the call.

The Seattle gigapop move is slated to occur late next week.  It is a matter of coordinating shipping and fiber moves.

The University of Memphis came up on CPS within the past few weeks.

Chris mentioned that requests from additional peers continue.  The CPS move has been precluded any active work to find new peers.

2.            Update on migration of IPv6 peers to CPS
Chris mentioned that Memphis is now v6 enabled.  Steve mentioned that he believes that there is only one v6 connector not yet up on CPS. The upgrades described in the first agenda item have prevented the completion of the v6 migration but it is expected to occur soon.

3.    Other Topics
Steve mentioned that at least one connector has expressed interest in using access to CPS as a way to lure their local residential broadband providers into a peering agreement---not making them a customer of CPS but rather making them a CPS peer to allow them to peer locally with the local provider.  Steve indicated that he would talk to the connector who expressed interest and ask them to put something forward to the NTAC peering group to consider.  Leo mentioned that it is important that this be described carefully.  Discussion ensued.  Steve indicated that there would be ample opportunity for the community to discuss prior to implementation.

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