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NTAC Peering and Routing Working Group
April 20, 2010
In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, Ben Blundell, David Crowe, John Hernandez, John Hess, Akbar Kara, Michael Lambert, Ken Lindahl, Darrell Newcomb, Dave Reese, Chris Robb, Linda Roos, Steve Wallace, Wayne Wedemeyer
1.  Agenda bash
2.  Update from Internet2 on peering
3.  CPS/TR consolidation implementation planning
4.  Other topics
Meeting Notes
1.  Update from Internet2
Chris Robb mentioned that Internet2 has been doing some work in the lab on MPLS backhaul.  Chris mentioned that the NOC has been working on a new peering adding 12,000 routes and adding routes (from 10,000 to 25,000) to another peering.  Based on these addition routes, he mentioned that Internet2 will be making a recommendation as to the maximum number of routes for CPS users.  The last recommendation was for 175,000 routes and Internet2 will be sending a new recommendation to CPS users.
2.  CPS/TR consolidation implementation planning
Darrell Newcomb mentioned that an agreement between Internet2 and TransitRail to consolidate services has been signed.  He went on to say that some documents had been sent on Monday, April 19.  The June 30th date mentioned in the documents is a target rather than a fixed date but there is a desire to move forward during the summer to keep disruption at a minimum.  The second bullet point refers to the backend implementation items that will be done throughout the summer.
Steve mentioned that, during the NS Update at the SMM, these highlights regarding CPS/TR will be provided.
3.  Other topics
Chris mentioned that there is a revamped version of BGP peerings document on the NOC document pages.

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