Topics, 2007

  1. The official pronouncement of a new eP*Affiliation value, "library-walk-in" (19-Nov)
  2. Attribute mongering (8-Oct-07)
         - Schac
  3. IMS Course Management System v2 and implications:  (8-Oct-07)
    Charter has course template, course offering and section is aligned with that.
  4. Do we need to have explicit single string way to assert bearer has entitlement y from identity provider z? (8-Oct-07)
         - Current rule on ePE says that the "Issuer" element is the implicit value for z.
         - Are there use cases that will force us to reexamine this?
  5. When the value of an attribute assertion in a SAML expression is natively an XML document or fragment... (8-Oct-07)
  6. we have SQL, LDAP & SAML. Is anyone writing web service endpoints for attribute delivery? (8-Oct-07)
  7. Attribute aggregation: update (8-Oct-07)
  8. SP attitudes and  attributes (8-Oct-07)
  9. URLs vs. URNs: (8-Oct-07)
  10. Integration of Radius & SIP: ID attributes used in challenge/response; coding to keep them out of the clear: (8-Oct-07)
  11. Proposal to add "applicant" to eP*Affiliation controlled vocabulary:
    • Excerpt from 29-Jun-07 email from Joy Veronneau: "We are in the process of adding applicants to our directory over the summer. What we are worried about, and why I am starting this discussion, is access to shibbolized resources. If the FAFSA site shibbolizes, we would like our applicants to be able to sign in to that site with their Cornell applicant NetID. I'm assuming that edupersonaffiliation and/or edupersonscopedaffiliation might be attributes used by FAFSA? Or might they configure to use edupersonentitlement?"
  12. Coordinating IdP practices around changes in Attribute Release Policy.
  13. eduPersonEntitlement
    • uses in the field
    • good/best practices
  14. Decision on revising MACE-Dir defined attribute profile for SAML (18-Jun-07)
    • Mikael Linden, who knows about the only production uses of eduCourseMember in a Shibbed environment, does not see a problem with Scott's proposal.
  15. c (country) attribute (c.f. Tom Scavo's email, 22-Jan-07)

Extended Action Items

  • AI - Keith will model (BPMN) common lifecycle of groups, life stages of groups, grace periods, etc., soliciting ideas from the MACE-Dir list. (7-May-07)
  • AI - Brendan will review archives related to eduAccount and search for interested folks, eventually arranging a call focused on formulating the right questions to target a solution. (26-Mar-07)
  • AI - Keith will draft a document covering registered MACE entitlement values. (11-Sep-06)
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