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This proposal involves setting up an IANA registry to hold the controlled vocabulary of the SP category container. The registry would be setup with an open registration policy and might hold both URIs and abbreviated names (to support protocols with payload constraints of some form). The boiler-plate text could be copied from draft-johansson-loa-registry. Setting up an IANA registry involves:

  1. writing an I-D describing the registry
  2. getting a shepherd (eg an AD) for the individual publication process
  3. going through RFC publication

This is not a short process and in order to keep our March deadline we would have to start using the URI of the container before getting it published.

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  1. I don't think we're particularly interested in establishing a controlled vocabulary either in the sense of the values of something like eduPersonAffiliation or in the sense of the numeric values in IP protocol fields.  The whole reason to use URI values is so that unique values can be coined by anyone, and a registry is not necessary to avoid collisions in that case.

    I haven't heard anyone say that we have a need for a system of abbreviated names to go alongside the canonical values.  That would require some kind of registry, but I don't see any reason why we could not establish such a registry after the fact when we need it if we ever turn out to need it.

    Let's not do this.