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  • Exploration of K-12 schema issues
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Use Case Development

Some of the InCommon/Quilt pilots are reaching the stage where schema questions come up.  The pilot team would like to launch the work by identifying and documenting a small set of motivating use cases.  The following is a discussion-starter draft of a template that pilot project teams would be encouraged to fill in.  MACE-Dir participants are invited to suggest additions and improvements to this use case template.


  • Describe the population that will be accessing services in this pilot
  • Describe the services and resources this pilot will make available to authorized members of the population
  • Have conversations with the providers of services and resources made clear what information about users will be relevant to the service providers' decisions:
    • whether or not to grant access (for example, status - such as currently enrolled or current instructor)?, or
    • level of, or restrictions to access? (for example based on age or grade level, role as instructor/administrator/student)?
  • Who or what should be the authoritative source for each of these attributes?
  • Do internal Service/Resource accounts exist for users of the service?** If so, describe how those are provisioned (e.g. file upload, vendor-provided API, SAML assertion)
  • Has it been decided where the Identity Provider will runWhat credentials the users will use to authenticate?
    • If so, please describe

Actual Use Cases

North Carolina - Discovery Education

[Your Use Case Here...]

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