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Draft specification for two subject identifiers




Email from Daniel Lutz, dated May 4, 2017


Email from Thomas Lenggenhager of June 8 2017


Hello Keith and others,


I send you my notes on the few details in eduPerson (201602) I stumbled

upon while I was reviewing and updating the next version of the

SWITCHaai attribute specification that refers back to eduPerson quite a bit.


- In 3.1. audio

   [of little importance since it is anyhow not recommended to use]

   Refers to the obsoleted RFC1274, that did not include a definition

   for the syntax. So the reference to RFC2798 should be sufficient,

   since that defines the Octet String syntax.


- In 3.7. homePhone (defined in RFC2798, inetOrgPerson)

   would now be correct:

     homePhone (defined in RFC4524, inetOrgPerson)

   RFC2798 refers back to RFC1274, but that was obsoleted by RFC4524


- In 3.8. homePostalAddress (defined in RFC2798, inetOrgPerson)

   would now be correct:

     homePostalAddress (defined in RFC4524, inetOrgPerson)

   same as above


- In 3.22 preferredLanguage

   The example is misleading, the ISO 639 codes are defined in lower

   case, so 'eo' for Esperanto. One can argue that preferredLanguage

   is Directory String with caseIgnoreMatch, so it does not matter.

   Still it would be better to populate the attribute with values

   as correct as possible.

   Referring to ISO 639-1 would limit the range to the two character

   language codes:

   Unfortunately RFC2798 defined the format very sloppy. For the

   next version of SWITCHaai attribute specification I drafted this:


The syntax for preferredLanguage is derived from [RFC5646]:


langtag = language ["-" region]

language = 2ALPHA ; an ISO 639-1 code

region = 2ALPHA   ; an ISO 3166-1 code


The language tag is composed of a primary language (two-letter

[ISO639-1] language code) and an optional empty region (two-letter

[ISO3166-2] country code).


- In 3.29. uid

   Refers to the obsoleted RFC1274 instead of RFC4524.

Perhaps you can use some of this input for the next revision of the

eduPerson spec.






Thomas Lenggenhager, Trust & Identity

Werdstrasse 2, P.O. Box, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland

phone +41 44 268 1505  direct +41 44 268 1541



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