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All options are hints to clients as to how to use the data received. No proposed option impacts server operations, and no option implies required client support.

All options are tagging options. While tagging options are never mutually exclusive, it may not make sense to use certain combinations of the proposed set of options.


Option Family


Suggestions for Use




Associated attribute is for internal-to-the-organization use only, and may not be further released by the client.

Attributes flagged internal should only be released to clients that are aware of the option and capable of honoring it.



Integers, with 1 indicating top of hierarchy and larger numbers indicating subentries.

Associated attribute can be represented in a hierarchy.

Where it may be desirable to reflect multiple levels of organizational units (RFC 4519) that apply to a record (eg: division/department or school/program).

Alternate approaches could include encoding the full ou in a single attribute value (eg: ou=division,department) or requiring the client to search for parent objects to calculate the hierarchy.


Integers, with 1 indicating most preferred value and larger numbers indicating less preferred values.

Where attributes may be multi-valued, the preferred ordering.

If a subject has multiple values for an attribute such as telephonenumber (RFC 4519), order may be used to indicate the order the subject prefers the values to be used.




Prior (deprecated) versions of values for an attribute.

Where a subject has changed values of an attribute, but it still makes sense to include the prior values for searching purposes. Examples include former names, former net IDs, former email addresses, etc.







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