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5/14/2021 Itana Workshop

Breakout Room Working Documents:

Persona #1: Patty Problem Solver

Persona #2: Eli Explorer

Persona #3: Siri CIO

Persona #4: Senior EA Architect Sally

Example File:  Persona #5: Nova Newbie

Activity #1: Find resources that are applicable to this Persona

Treasure Hunt for Current Content: 

  • What existing content needs to be added to this Persona? 

  • Document the following:

    • What content (name, type, location URL)

    • Details (like slide number, table, paragraph)

    • Why it helps (short description)

Potential sources: Current Wiki, Presentations or Slides, External Links or Resources

Activity #2: Yes, and….

What new content or resources need to be added to this Persona? 

  • Identify any desired content or missing resources
  • List any Gaps in the content that you believe need to be filled
  • Explain Why it’s needed (short description)


You can learn more about the Wiki Refresh efforts so far by visiting this page on our wiki and viewing our shared Mural board.

Outputs from our Wiki Refresh 2020 Virtual Face2Face shared Mural board.

As An Architect...

... I want to build or define an EA practice so that ...

  • I understand how to manage and develop my direct reports or indirect partners
  • I know who is a champion who can help me build my practice
  • I understand my customer's needs so I can deliver value
  • I understand the context, culture and maturity of the university so that I design the right approach to EA
  • I have sufficient rules and principles so I can provide others with defensible consistent guidance
  • I can demonstrate success and show the value to maintain and build support
  • I can build consensus across campus in order for change to occur successfully

... I want to mature my practice and increase influence so that ...

  • I can develop and deliver a compelling message to build followers
  • I can help IT throughout campus set priorities
  • I can help campus / IT select priorities so that we make effective and timely decisions
  • I can position the work of my practice into the delivery-lifecycle of project and agile teams so I can support compliance and conformance
  • I can build an effective change management practice to successfully lead initiatives
  • I can ensure the work products my practice creates are relevant to and consumable by decision makers

... I want to architect the portfolio so that ...

  • I can identify synergies in IT projects to manage resources more optimally
  • I can help derive organization and clarity from chaos and complexity to help the institution use its limited resources most effectively
  • I can identify gaps and duplications in IT solutions so we can be effective in our investments and service catalog
  • I can help my customers build a strategic plan so their work delivers the greatest architectural and strategic value
  • I need at least basic visibility of the applications and technologies in use at my institution so I can guide decision making
  • I can help a service build a strategic roadmap so their work delivers the greatest architectural and strategic value
  • I would like to see how EA can facilitate change at my organization.

... I want to understand architecture skills and context so that ...

  • I have access to an introduction to EA page with basic definitions and its building blocks
  • I can find a definition of enterprise architecture that I can use
  • I know what are the most important skills to put me on my journey..
  • I  understand how to speak the language of the business decision makers
  • I  understand the different types of Architectural domains
  • I  know what the core competencies I should have so i can build a development plan
  • I know what success looks like and how to measure it so I can build the EA practice to its next level of maturity and value.

... I want to build my personal architecture skills so that ...

  • I know where does my present competencies position me on the path to becoming an architect?
  • I develop ways of constantly improving and growing
  • I am able to create and communicate compelling presentations
  • I can understand best practices/successful case studies
  • I am able to facilitate discussions and meetings
  • I learn the art of facilitating from the side
  • I learn the art of managing from the side

... I want to expand and grow my personal architecture knowledge so that ...

  • I can understand the processes and service dependancies of the other work teams
  • I can develop the people skills to penetrate into silos and get to know their current practices to be able to provide enhanced solutions
  • I know what tools other architects are using
  • I know some best EA practices already applied in the sector of HEI
  • I need stories and examples from other architects about approaches and artifacts so that I can try some of them in my own architecture context
  • I am able to develop Enterprise Architectures, in line with the current EA trends

... I want to grow my network and connect with peers so that ...

  • I can exchange and share knowledge and experience related to EA practice
  • I can find 2 or 3 mentors to help me on my journey
  • I can identify professional development opportunities to grow my knowledge, skills and network
  • I have a mentor that can give me some advice and support me during my EA  journey
  • I know how to align myself to the higher level meetings that discuss wider IT projects spanning multiple domains
  • I have someone to critique or discuss some crackpot ideas I have for our practice
  • I can discuss with a mentor the current trends having an impact on the design of EA's  

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