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UW-Madison: New Hire Workflow Problem Statement. The New Hire process crosses many systems including ERPS (HR and Financial) as well as local systems (Parking, Library, etc.) This process would benefit greatly from an enterprise workflow system. Complexity lies in the integration of the systems with the workflow system and with role definitions in the enterprise. The many departmental variations on the hiring process make the culture change a challenge.

Business Driver:

Our hiring process is very complex and involves several parts of the organization and many steps. A new hire needs a space which might need physical changes (paint, wiring, telephone), parking, a PhotoID etc. There a suite of documentation that must be gathered and reviewed. There are many systems that we need to propagate the new hire into. This process is complex and involves both paper and electronic process. The process takes several weeks to complete and steps are sometimes missed along the way.

Why is this a Workflow Problem:

This is a complex business process with many manual/paper processes. Much of the knowledge of the process is in workers heads. The work must be synchronized across many systems.

What we would gain:

  1. Moving this complex process into a single workflow process would allow us to do things in parallel.
  2. It would standardize the process and make sure that steps weren't missed.
  3. It would allow transparency in the process so we could see what state the hiring process is in, where it is held up, what portions are complete and what steps are remaining.
  4. It would allow for auditing of the process to make sure we meet legal requirements.
  5. It would move the process out of peoples minds and into a system which would help with new administrative staff training and evaluation of the business process overall.