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Current list of Topics of Interest

Below is a table outlining the current topics of interest. The champion is shown along with a link to the wiki page for the work.

Topic of interest


Wiki space

Face2Face Planning

Jim Phelps

Face2Face Meetings

Framework and Arch Tools

Piet N, Scott F (Marina A.)

Campus Activity in EA Frameworks, Tools, and Repositories - 2010)

Enterprise Workflow aka Business Process Management aka Shared Workflow Infrastructure

Piet N.

Enterprise Workflow

SOA Discussion and Screen2Screen

Jim P.


Enterprise Portals - still useful, what role. Active in JaSIG.

Scott F with Jim H


Data Governance and Organizational Maturity

Jim P.


ITANA Wiki Best Practices



EDUCAUSE ACTI and other common services activities



Items from Round Robin on May 13, 2010 Call

At the end of the last call, we did a quick round-robin of hot topics on campus. Interesting groupings of activities appeared. I thought the common issues were interesting and also the signs of maturity. IAM has moved up from building the directory to affiliation management. SOA has moved forward from should we do SOA to where are on our SOA roadmap. Here are the topics as I grouped them:

Identity and Access Management:

  • Two of us are involved with Oracle IAM
  • The issues have moved up from directories (building) to affiliations - definitions, management, governance
  • The shift in credentials from NetID for life to new credentials during different parts of the lifecycle (email and password) bound to a single identity
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) impact on policy and identity proofing is still an issue


  • Four of us mentioned ESBs
  • Checkins on the SOA strategy and progress are happening on two campuses

Strategic Planning

  • Revisiting strategic plans
  • IT Rationalizing across the enterprise
  • Mapping Strategic Initiatives back to Service and Project Portfolio management

Building EA

  • Finding ways to build a more mature EA practice on campus
  • Fit in the organization

Kuali RICE and KFS are on the front burner at indiana and others.

Testing Tools for load testing is also a topic as was HR Categories for people.

Interesting finding so many common issues and some signs of maturity.

Dropped Items

Topics that were recently parked or dropped

  1. Joint Discussion with JISC Dropped for the time being until a compelling overlap occurs.
  2. Business Intelligence - see the wiki page Business Intelligence for reasons why this was parked for the time being
  3. Enterprise Directories and Video Conferencing uncertain the of the question or scope of this work.
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