Dear ITANA Colleagues,
I was wondering if you are aware of any recent higher education institutional surveys of key enterprise IT capabilities.  We are interested in benchmarking our progress in some key areas including, but not limited to, the following:

  •  Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing  Hebert's EIM Capability and Maturity Survey v1
  •  SOA
  •  Content management
  •  Collaboration tools
  •  Course management and student learning technologies
  •  Identity management
  •  Data center server and storage technologies
  •  Enterprise portal

If no such survey(s) exist, we are very interested in collaborating with ITANA constituents in developing and deploying them.  Perhaps we can start with the ITANA members themselves.

Members would divide up the areas.  Each area could have a champion that would work on the survey.

Does this align with gathering RFPs for each area? 


  1. Future Request:  What kind of tools are people using for Architecture and Design.  Anyone using a tool or design tool other than a folder with a bunch of documents?

  2. Next Call:  Report on tool presentation