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We conducted a survey in October 2010 to assess the ongoing role of the portal as a strategic platform in Higher Ed.   After appearing on the scene more than a decade ago, how has it faired? How have Universities actually been using it?  What functions does it perform?  Is it still a vital platform?  Is its use waxing or waning?      How is it managed?  

The survey was published on the web and solicitations were sent out on the ITANA, EDUCAUSE Portals and JASIG lists.   There were 64 responses.

Our overall impression is that Portals still play a vital role in most of the universities represented.  There are many that are just starting up.    Many of those that are well established are continuing to grow and adapt.    Several, though, have or are about to go through re-evaluations  -- ways in which the portal can adapt to new delivery methods and changes in integration possibilities.

Document is attached (12/10/2010 srf updated to display borders around tables and to include examples under question 6)

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