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Starting an Enterprise Architecture Practice


The Starting an Enterprise Architecture Practice Working Group provides framework materials intended to help colleges and university kick start their EA Practice. 


Definition of EA

Enterprise Architecture is the process that translates business strategy into tangible executable solutions by analyzing current state, designing  future state and creating road maps to fill the gap.  The process holistically analyzes business, information and technology architectures to create the solution.

This framework will include processes, best practices and artifacts geared toward the culture of higher education.


Sample Artifacts
            Maturity Assessment
            Change Management - The Journey
Define the Value of EA
Best Practices
Simple Case Study - different methods handling the same case study

Organization and schedule

The ITANA working group is currently looking for an individual to facilitate regular online meetings.

Working group members




Colleen Nagy

Case Western Reserve University

Brian Savage

Boston College  

Mark Poepping

Carnegie Mellon University

Kasia Azzara

Columbia University

Theo Chaojareon

George Washington University

Wayde Nie

McMaster University

Bob Dein

Miami (OH) University

Bruce Alexander

Michigan State University

Michael Janke

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Jim Leous

Penn State University

Michael Pelikan

Penn State University

Mike Burns

Penn State University

Kris Guye

Southern Illinois University

Leo Fernig

University of British Columbia

Russell Connacher

University of California, Berkeley

Mojgan Amini

University of California, San Diego

Jason Armbruster

University of Colorado

Jon Turbett

University of Michigan

Patton Fast

University of Minnesota

Jim Jokl

University of Virginia

Joel Banez

Westmont College

Rick Smith

York University

Workgroup email list:

Meeting information

Regular meetings are no longer in session at this time.  The regular schedule had been every other Thursday at 3:00 pm, Eastern Time.

Agendas and Minutes

Project work spaces

Working Group Resources

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