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To consolidate our web presence and reduce maintenance, in Spring 2015 ITANA is merging its WordPress site into its Confluence wiki site.

  • The domain name is being pointed to the revised wiki home page.
  • The wiki home page and other top level pages are being refreshed
  • The site navigation is changing slightly
  • No content is being removed



The home page and top level pages have a new top navigation bar:


Our latest updates


Become a member


Join a call or meeting


Collaborate with peers


Resources for architects


Charter and contacts

The main navigation in the left sidebar will be replaced with "page tree" navigation that shows the user where they are within the site. We expect this to help people navigate ITANA's various sub-sites, such as working groups.

The "Recently Discussed" option is being removed from the main navigation. This content is being featured on the home page and in the Library.

Top Level Pages

Home page: The new home page more clearly features what's coming up (left) and links to recent documents or activity users are looking for (right).

Join page: The Join link is prominently featured in the main navigation, and the new page lists multiple ways to join/follow/participate in ITANA.

Events page: The new page incorporates the Google calendar. Some old links were removed.

  • TBD: We'd like to feature working group events/meetings on this page (and possibly the home page). This will take some more coordination with the working group leaders. A first step would be to get them on the Google calendar.

Groups page: This page is just reformatted a bit for consistency with the other top level pages.

Library page: Reformatted at bit, and features the "recently discussed" content that also appears on the home page.

  • TBD: Following the Spring Face2Face, we have an opportunity to reorganize the Library page around those new resources, and focus the Library on resources that are recent and "living".

About page: This area includes various topics previously hosted on the WordPress site, such as the Charter and Capability Map.




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