This group is just spinning up now.  There is an email list:

Here is the short URL for this Working Group:

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to Jim Phelps ( and/or the ITANA list.

Kick Off Questions for Institutions and Instructions.

On the Initial SOA API Start-Up Survey page are a list of questions.  These are meant to get a sense of what you are doing, why, and where you are on the path to SOA and API management.  You might not be able to answer them all.  You might want to answer about your future state or current state or both.   This is meant to be a quick survey of your effort.  We want to use these surveys to figure out what the work of the working group should be and how it should be structured.

Click Here:  SOA API Start-Up Survey  and then follow the instructions.

WSO2 Con Followup.

Follow up discussion of WSO2 Con 2013 with conference attendees and parties interested in implementing products from the WSO2 stack.

ITANA - WSO2 Con Discussion - Nov 19, 2013

WS02 Group Recordings

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