Final Documents

The final documents were co-authored by Leo Fernig (University of British Columbia) and Piet Niederhausen (Georgetown University), with the assistance of the SOA Working Group: Dave Perhne (University of Michigan), Glenn Donaldson (The Ohio State University), Keith Hazelton (University of Wisconsin - Madison, Internet2 Middleware), Philip Robinson (Cornell University), Richmond Stevenson (Univesity of Maryland University College), and Scott Fullerton (University of Wisconsin - Madison). Special thanks to Jim Phelps (University of Wisconsin - Madison).

Survey Questions

Working Documents

The following materials will be removed once the Final Documents section above is complete.

Round 1 - Full Questionnaire

This section tabulates the results of the various sections of the survey in a format that is more readable than the Google spreadsheet.
The Survey Themes area is a sandbox in which to record unstructured reflections on the survey results.

Round 2 - Short Survey

The working group developed a short survey version of the questionnaire for circulation on multiple mailing lists. See the Final Documents and Survey Questions sections above for information about this survey.

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