1. Copy the questions below.
  2. Click on +Add -> Page to add a page to this page (think of it as adding a document to a folder).
  3. Change the Title of the New Page to your Institutions Name (e.g. UW-Madison)
  4. Paste the questions to your page and fill them out.
  5. Be sure to make clear if what you are describing is current state or future state (e.g. We hope to...  Currently...)

The Questions:

Name:  (Name of person filling out the form)

Do you have a wiki or web site with a lot of this info?  If so, link please.

What API Management Infrastructrure (Middleware) do you have in place or have in place?  What are the other core systems?  API Management, ESB, ERP , DataIntegration, and Security(Authz/Authn/Access)

Picture of current state and aspirational state?

What are the "poster child" use cases you're using to build momentum for SOA?

Do you have low-hanging fruit, or "easy wins" that you can show reasonably quick value with?

How do you evolve the culture from file based to real-time based?

Do you have design documents that you could share?

How did you build data objects?  What kind of governance did you put around the objects?  How do you maintain them?  How do you put security and authorization around them?

How are you gathering resources - people and funding to support the effort?  Where do these resources live?   What skills sets do you think you need to support this?

What is the technical stack you are running?  Why did you pick that stack?  Pros and Cons of the stack.   What else did you look at and didn't pick?

What is behind your API?  How do you handle security?

Why are doing this?  What is your vision?  What do you see as the future state?

What benefits you have achieved in your implementation?

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