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SOA (see Paul Hill's background paper on SOA)

SOA Tools - Strategy and best practices. 

  • Best-of-breed, complete suites, open source? 
  • Which strategy are you pursuing and why?

SOA Governance

Version Management, SLAs, Data Management (what happens when interfaces change)

SOA models--What SOA is and is not

SOA collaboration on campus (maybe can be combined with Governance)

SOA for techies* REST vs SOAP (when to use one or the other or both?)

  • Use of ATOM for web service data syndication
  • A different approach to SOA when introducing the concept of ROA

Organizational buy in on SOA (how does this happen?)

SOA Best Practices 

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  1. Survey of institutions - where are the institutions right now, where are they headed, what can we work on together, what pain-points did you hit along the way.   Seven step process of SOA.  Number of services, are they tied into an ESB, are they governed, measures and metrics.  Process to inventory the services that we have.