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Minutes from 5/30/13


Bob Dein - Miami University of Ohio
Brian Savage - Boston College
Russ Connacher, University of California, Berkley
Jon Turbett- University of Michigan

1. Brian Savage Joined the group.  He is interested in the topic and will help maintain the wiki. He will be creating child pages for individual deliverables. 
2. Status- Access to update the wiki -- all now have update access except Bob.  He is investigating what may be a federated access issue.- Posting Jouneys to the Wiki - Now that access is granted, additional journeys will be posted.

3. Next steps on remaining deliverables
We identified a point person for several of the deliverables.  This person will be responsible for working with the larger group to collect samples and/or come up with a straw model. Here is the list so far.    

Charter - Russ Connacher
Maturity Model - Bob Dein
Best Practices - Jon Turbett

Action items:

Colleen to add Brian Savage to the mail group.
Point people to begin engaging the larger group on their deliverable.

Minutes from 4/18/13

Participants: (enter your own info)

The conference phone line was not available and participants were not able to get the audio working on Adobe Connect so meeting was cancelled.

Several members still do not have access to edit and add document to the wiki.

Action Items

Jon Turbett will follow up on permissions for Wiki

Minutes from 4/4/13

Participants: (enter your own info)

Reviewed charter, discussed our deliverables and made some edits.

Discussed our different approaches/paths to getting buy in from executives for enterprise architecture.

Several members will be putting up their journeys on the Wiki.

Action Items

Working group members to add their journey to help describe value of EA

Create link for Resources

Update Charter with EA definition

Check permissions for Wiki

Minutes from 2/6/13

Participants: (enter your own info)
Name, Institution, Interest

Mark Poepping, Carnegie Mellon, Been “Head IT Architect” for years, still developing the work
Chris Eagle, UMich, Getting EA processes integrated into UM
Eric Hodges
Jim Leous, Penn State, wading into EA from our IT Arch POV
Michael Pelikan, Penn State, “ “ “ “ “
Mike Burns, Penn State, “ “ “ “ “
Joel Banez,
Patton Fast, University of Minnesota, Starting new EA at UMN
Theo Chaojareon, George Washington,   Starting EA at GW
Colleen Nagy, Case Western Reserve, Starting EA at CWRU


Chris Eagle taking care of wiki
Mark Poepping - will take meeting minutes (opened a google doc for collaborative notes)..
Chris will report back to ITANA on process and progress

Charter for Working Group

Reviewed ITANA’s capability model

Discussion on Deliverables

  • Charter for ITANA EAProgram WG
  • EA maturity model
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Frameworks** Gartner says there are 2 or 3 used in higher education
    • Colleges/Universities in UK, Canada and Australia are ahead of the US - leverage other experience?
  • List of best practices? Discussion on Scope for EA in higher education

Suggestions for Framework sources from an ITANA Conference Call:
Open Group
Armstrong Group (works with Penn State)
Architecting the Enterprise, John Pohlgreen - From Paul Hobson

Action Items
1) Colleen working on outputs - draft a charter
2) If you have a reference for an EA maturity model, send it to Chris,
will remind and need to review before next call

Will meet again in two weeks at this time - maybe 4:15; Colleen will send a reminder.

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