EA Practice at a Glance
Year formed2017
Submitted byJoe Cheng
EA team is located inInformation Technology
Roles on EA teamEnterprise Architect
NarrativeBy mapping how human and technical systems use information in relation to the College’s mission, and how that use will change as those systems evolve, the Enterprise Architecture office offers insight into how best to design and plan the College’s IT resource investments.

What is your name and title?

Joe Cheng, Enterprise Architect

How did your architecture practice get started?

New CIO with TOGAF certification and extensive strategic leadership experience in industry decided to create EA as a new function and position within the CIO's Office, alongside a new Portfolio Management Office.

What is the focus of your practice – e.g., enterprise, business, technical, solution, data architecture?

My focus is to enable and facilitate systemic coordination across all levels and domains of enterprise architecture throughout the organization, and to promote and inform continual improvement of architecture development processes within each domain and function.

How big is your practice and where is it located in the organization?

One FTE, reporting directly to the CIO.

What is your practice model for working with related teams – e.g., federated architecture practice?

Formal and informal consultation and collaboration within the context of existing and emerging portfolio, program and project management processes and practices, inside and outside of IT.

How would you describe the maturity of your architecture practice in terms of:

What are major trends you see in your practice and your enterprise?

Doing more with less to identify, prioritize and achieve key outcomes, as multiple drivers both external and internal to the organization reduce resources at the same time they increase uncertainty as to how best to allocate those resources.

How does your team manage its work internally and on projects?

Our IT Department has a hosted portfolio management system, with project management features we are only starting to use. For project management I mainly use GSuite and Confluence.

What are your major challenges?

Budget cuts across the board are driving a focus on lights-on tactical planning and coordination throughout the organization, which complicates efforts to engage stakeholders to invest in strategic coordination activities that do not have a very direct tie to high-profile mission objectives, short-term revenue generation or short-term efficiency gains in day-to-day operations.

What projects have been your major focus lately?

GLBA Audit Compliance Preparation, Identity and Access Management Strategy, Digital Business Strategy, Secure Business Improvement Platform, GSuite Data Loss Prevention.

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