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For anyone who would like to contribute to our session on May 8th for New2EA on Scoping your EA Practice, here is the presentation materials and homework.



  1. Make a copy of the Strategy on a Page template or update your own if you have one already
  2. Review presentation deck for inspiration
  3. Share your SoaP (in whatever state of completion) to this Confluence wiki page by @ Noon Pacific
    1. you can upload a document 
    2. or you can also add your Google document link
    3. if you are having any issues, just email the Co-Chairs the doc or link

Next steps:

By EOD on May 1st, the New2EA Co-chairs will assign each submitter a peer to review the SoaP and provide feedback by Monday, 5/6.

Then SoaP “experts” will review the submissions on 5/6-7 for our next New2EA meeting on 5/8.

Submitted SoaPs:

Jacob MorrisUniversity of Washington

insert your links here

upload your docs here

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  1. Tried to upload my worksheet but the upload feature doesnt seem to work.