Are you new to Enterprise Architecture? Is your institution starting from Technical (or Application, or other) Architecture and adding an Enterprise component? This peer-group is for you.
We are forming a peer-group for ITANA members who are new to Enterprise Architecture.   We will gather and discuss issues and strategies for executing our ideas.  We will pick the brains of mentors and those who have been building an Enterprise Architecture discipline for several years.  The goal of this group is to build mentorships and to help you transition into higher education successfully.  There is also value in the group therapy aspect of gathering and talking.  

Next Steps
  1. Watch the email list for further updates
  2. Join in the Google+ Hangouts (which means you need to get a Google+ account and you need to follow the ITANA page - so we can invite you to the hangout)
Agendas and Minutes

The working group meets 11:00 - 12:00 EST every 4 weeks. 

The next meeting is July 31, 2012.




July 31, 2012


No Hangout

September 25, 2012



November 20, 2012


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