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Onboarding a new steering committee member involves several steps in multiple systems as well as bringing the new members up to speed in their duties and how we work.

Steering Committee Activities:

Prior To Start - Existing Steering Committee Actions - Set Up Access Rights

Before the new member starts, the existing steering committee members must set up the appropriate access and accounts for the new member.  The new member needs to given the appropriate rights in the following systems (see below for instructions):

  • Internet2 Wiki Space
  • EDUCAUSE Itana-Steering email list
  • Google Docs Steering Committee folder
  • Itana Google Calendar

 Add the member's name, affiliation and link to their EDUCAUSE profile (if they have one) to the Itana Steering Committee wiki page. If they do not have an EDUCAUSE profile, suggest they create one.

At Start - Existing Steering Committee Actions

Send an email to the new member pointing them to this page.  Have them read through the Prior to Start material and check their access rights to the various systems.

Send the new member an email via the Itana-Steering listserv.  Follow this with an email directly to the new member telling them that they should have received an email via the listserv.  Make sure they received the listserv email.

Hold an onboarding call to welcome the new members and answer any questions they might have.

Double check that they have tested their access to all of the services listed above.

New Member Activities:

Prior to Start - New Steering Committee Member

Before starting your new role, you should read through the following documents:

Itana Capability Map - this describes the "what" Itana does and is used when we charter new working groups.

Itana Charter - this describes the role of the steering committee and the governance processes

Itana Governance Page and subpages especially the:


At Start - New Steering Committee Member

As a new steering committee member, you should first check that you have access rights to all the services you need:

  • Edit a wiki page - let the Steering Committee know if you don't have permissions. Editing and maintaining wiki pages is an important task of the Steering Committee members.
  • Check that you have full access to the Google docs space both the
  • Please reply and confirm you have received the message through the Itana-Steering email list.  If you did not get this message, let the steering committee know.
  • Finally, add the Itana Steering Committee calls to your calendar.  

We look forward to working with you.


Detailed Instructions for access rights / email access:

Wiki Access:

  1. Log into the wiki
  2. Under the "Browse" menu, select "Space Admin". Here is a shortcut link:
  3. Under Security in the sidebar, click on Permissions.
  4. Under "Individual Users" click "Edit Permissions". 
  5. Use the Magnifying Glass button to bring up search.  Search the user's name (last name, partial name).  Click on the check-box next the user and click on "Select User(s)".
  6. Click on "Add".
  7. Click on Select All by the person's username to grant them permission.
  8. IMPORTANT:  Click on Save all at the bottom of the page or your changes will not be saved.

EDUCAUSE Itana-Steering email list

  1. Send an email to
  2. Include the name and email address of the new member and tell them that you want to add the member to the itana-steering email list.
  3. They usually reply within 48 hours.

Google Docs and Calendar:

  1. I'm assuming you know how to add people to Google Docs and Google Calendar.
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