Survey respondents

  1. We now have results for Ohio (thanks Glenn!). That brings the total responses up to 5.
  2. Rich should be able to:
    1. Complete the form for Maryland
    2. Contact Jason Armbruster at Colorado
  3. Scott is hoping to complete the form for Wisconsin and contact Marina at UC Davis
  4. Leo to proceed with contacts at UofT (interview with Glenn) and Berkely (with Keith)

XML standards
Is it worth digging deeper on the prevalence (or lack thereof) of XML standards? Several of us felt we did not have the deep knowledge of Student Systems required to answer the questions around PESC correctly. Glenn seemed to think they still used T130 for transcripts and XML for degree audit.

There seemed to general agreement that this is an area where it is worth digging deeper. Scott: these are canonical standards for information exchange. B-to-B is probably going to be less evolved than internal SOA. Action items:

  1. Leo should contact Micheal Sessa to see if they have any stats on usage of XML standards
  2. Does anyone know someone connected to the Texas hub who could give statistics?

SOA maturity
Most responses are coming in and ad-hoc for most categories. This in itself should be an interesting result. SOA is a litmus test of EA maturity. In a highly distributed governance model the resistance to any central strategy is very strong.

Collation of results
The results are being collated manually:
Leo is doing this now, but there were offers of help if this becomes too onerous.
The results will have to go through a length process of refinement…for which we various analogies: from strip mining to processing whale blubber!

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