Who is attending the f-2-2?

  • Scott – intending
  • Piet – intending
  • Rich – intending
  • Dave – not sure
  • Glen – planning
  • Leo – booked and paid
  • Philip Robinson – regrets.  Travel budget restrictions.

Ideas on how to use the SOA survey in the f-2-f

Leo: what themes can we use for the f-2-f.  As per Jim’s question: what would we like participants to take away from the SOA discussion/activity?

Leo: some possible trends

  1. Clear trends in the uptake of standards (IMS is fairly general)
  2. Some schools appear further ahead on the SOA maturity curve: what are the success factors?
  3. All schools reported being engaged in SOA projects.  Implicit acceptance of the importance of SOA.  What is holding us back?
  4. Simple SOA technologies  always seem to trump complex bundled SOA suites

Scott: are there emerging trends in the current data?   If there are obvious/salient trends:

  1. How do they play out on your campus?


In the morning we can refer to SOA as a conceptual tool for architects.  Here the SOA survey results can be used in 2 different ways:

  1. Examples of specific SOA projects (from answers to question 11)
  2. As a reality check (seeing how slowly SOA maturity seems to develop (as per question 2)

In the afternoon we could use these same 2 dimensions of the survey to talk about SOA and disruptive change.  SOA as a conceptual framework for dealing effectively with disruptive change.

Leo: a response to change or initiating change?

Scott: ERP’s dictate functionality  SOA allows you to break beyond the boundaries imposed by ERP’s. SOA forces an enterprise perspective that takes us out of the ERP box

Next steps:

We still have some 1-on-1 surveys to complete:

  • Leo: UMCP, Berkeley
  • Scott: Chicago

We need a shorter/kinder/gentler version of the survey to broadcast to the world:

  1. Piet is going to circulate a Google doc with the questions
  2. We can each add our evaluation of the efficacy of the questions based on the results so far: https://spaces.at.internet2.edu/display/itana/Survey+respondents
  3. On our August 8 meeting we can review the comments and plan the shorter version of the survey

The aim would be to have a shorter version of the survey ready for August 15

Survey for products:  Rich thought we could just use the current wiki version.  He is going to try to interview Linda Feng at Peoplesoft.

Publishing a summary of the survey.  Jim is looking into options with various Educause publications

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