1. Dave and Leo to work on a hosting solution:
    1. That allows us to re-enter the form so that it can be completed over multiple sessions
    2. Hopefully allows concurrent access (Dave and Leo to test)
  2. Scott to re-work question 6 as per notes below
  3. Leo to rework 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 as per comments below
  4. Wiki version is out of date. Leo to copy Scott's version

General comments about the form.
Everyone agreed that we need to be able to save the form. In its current shape it is too cumbersome to be filled out in one session. The form may be ok for interview style sessions. We may need a different version if we’re going to send it out for anyone to fill out.

Question 2
All schools will be on the ad-hoc or basic. So should we have a finer scale? Dave: his school is between one and 2. Glenn: what would be the finer grain? Can we put links into the table?

Need free text form to drill-down into greater detail...this would obviate the need for a more finely grained scale

Take temperature on how unwieldy this feels

SOA maturity is a function of being well-architected as an enterprise

2.2 Ask for top 3
Need for composition should be added as a driver for change Should we ask for a ranking ???

Question 3
Take out Kuali

Dave: add HR XML and other (?) vertical standards

Add another question on implementation of ERP's that have a SOA dimension

Question 4

Dave: As I was going through section 4 with a group of people here, they were confused by the term service contract.  We are going through a Service Management project so it was hard to focus them on a more detailed meaning of the word service.  I'm wondering if it would be good to put a definition around service contract.

Question 6
6 6.1, 6.2, 6.3....remove
A mature IDM is not a necessary but an enabling condition for SOA

6.4 6.6 are too similar 6 is more certificate based.

Scott to reword 4, 5, 6

Question 7
7.3 Do you have high level artifacts and if so what are they

Question 8
We should have implementation categories for the technologies

  • Implementation Pilot
  • Implementation Enterprise
  • Exploring
  • No labels