Draft Minutes, ITANA call of 28-March-2013


Jim Phelps, University of Wisconsin - Madison (chair)
Mojgan Amini, UCSD
Eden Davis, Michigan State University
Glenn Donaldson, Ohio State University
Chris Eagle, University of Michigan
Patton Fast, University of Minnesota
Scott Fullerton, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Clay Fulton, Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Janke, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Jon Turbett, University of Michigan
Evelyn, University of British Columbia
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2 (scribe)


Current Activities Check-in

Learning Reference Architecture Group

-this working group will have F2F workshop starting May 20-21 in Madison, Wisc
-team is working on scenarios, next task is to work on capabilities, hope to have this before the F2F
-It is open to all ITANA members, for details: https://spaces.at.internet2.edu/display/itana/learning+architecture+f-2-f+workshop
-Currently committed to attending the F2F are Rich Stevenson, Leo Fernig, Scott Fullerton, Laura Gekeler, Jim Phelps
-Jim Phelps will help to facilitate
-there will be a Google Hangout or WebEx that remote people can participate in during the F2F workshop

Starting an Enterprise Architect Practice Working Group


-New meeting time is on Thursdays at 3pm ET, on alternate weeks from the regular ITANA calls

Face2Face 2013 & (un)Conference at EDUCAUSE 2013 - Jim Phelps

-ITANA Face to Face at EDUCAUSE 2013 and PreConf Seminar: Tuesday, Oct 15 in Anaheim
-Jim is working on lining up panelists
-There will also be the 1/2 day UnConference at EDUCAUSE 2013

ITANA and CIO CG Joint Screen2Screen

Joint ITANA and CIO Constituent Group Screen2Screen ("Enterprise Architecture - Shining a Light on IT Spend" ) on March 15, 2013 was a success

ITANA Wiki Content Management

-Looking for help with content management for the ITANA wiki.
-This involves figuring out what needs to go where on the wiki
-Contact Jim Phelps if you can assist with this important task

Report out on the Troux Worldwide Conference


Paul Hobson and Jim Phelps attended the Troux Worldwide Conference in Austin.
-Troux is a subscription based, hosted solution.
-Troux allows you to manage your application portfolio, and to map to capabilities and dependencies
-Troux has a meta model that calculates risk
-An application's risk is increased by running on old hardware, or license coming to end of life, etc.
-Helps plan the application's life cycle

Q: Does Troux support decomposing your analysis into subordinate components?
A: Yes, you can drill down

Troux can import a CMDB – Configuration Management Database

Evelyn from UBC noted:
-Troux can track projects to your application portfolio
-you can do project prioritization based on the risk assessments
-UBC will use Troux to help with roadmaps and blueprints

Q: What is the advantage of Troux over the Oracle BI tool?
A: There is a complex data model behind Troux

The CIO CG 55 Questions About MOOCs


Seeking volunteers from ITANA who would like to organize the questions into a solution path diagram.
Example of a solution path:https://wiki.doit.wisc.edu/confluence/display/AARB/AARB+Advising+Strategy+Solution+Path

-The task is to categorize the questions and try to develop a flow
-We can also combine the questions, and might end up with fewer than 55.
-Scott Fullerton will assist; Glen or Thomas at OSU might want to be involved.

First Person Stories - "How I Used ITANA to…" or "How ITANA Helped me…" as part of our outreach at EDUCAUSE

-ITANA had a poster last year at EDUCAUSE
-This year we hope to have a poster with first person stories to use for outreach around ITANA
-Jim is seeking stories from people who engaged with ITANA and have a story of the benefit
-Would include a headshot of the person, a blurb about them and their institution, and then a story about ITANA's benefits for them
-If you have a story please contact Jim with it
-Glenn will work with Jim on a story about involvement with SOA group and ref architecture
-Pat will work with Jim at CSG meeting in Rhode Island to craft a story
-Eden will share this request with Bruce, and see what they can contribute
-Thanks to all who volunteered to help out

Hot Topics on your Campus?

Real-Time Feeds from PeopleSoft SIS

Scott Fullerton, UW-Madison is reviewing feeds from our Student info system into our LMS
-UW-Madison is a PeopleSoft Oracle school
-Have encountered issues with moving to real time
-Because the change log does not carry a time stamp to right level of granularity
-It allows events to get out of sequence
-Want real-time course add or drop
-If you drop an anchor course in a package, it drops you from the lab and discussion, but it does not put all the changes into the real-time feed
-Goal is to push the changes to the LMS,
-Has anyone successfully set up real-time feeds from their PeopleSoft SIS?

Glenn: At OSU, we have not done the course enrollment process with D2L yet, but have other things that are real time
Glen and Scott Fullerton will talk next week

Enterprise Versus Non Enterprise

Pat: Group is working on defining what is enterprise versus what is not enterprise
Jim: This is a discussion on many campuses right now
-Jim can share the framework used at UW-Madison
-May discuss on next call

Next ITANA Call: Thursday, 11-April at 2pm ET

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