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Draft Minutes: ITANA call of 17-Jan-2013

Jim Phelps, University of Wisconsin - Madison (chair)
Pieter Enslin, NWU South Africa
Dan Brint, SUNY
Kasia Azzara
Lonnie Francescatti
Orri Gartner, U. of Colorado
Tony Wong, U of Manitoba
Rich Stevenson, University of Maryland University College
Vinay Varguhese, Weill Cornell Medical College
Glenn Donaldson, Ohio State University
Scott Fullerton, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Leo Fernig, University of British Columbia
Chris Eagle, University of Michigan
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2 (scribe)


Current Activities Check-In

Box Screen to Screen

There will be a Screen2Screen discussing on Wednesday, Jan 31, at 2 pm EST.
Send questions to Chris Eagle ahead of time or add them to this wiki page:

Andrew Keating, the Internet2 Net+ program manager for, will be on the Screen2Screen.

Learning Reference Architecture
This group has started meeting. They will meet every two weeks on a Wed.
See minutes at:

Starting EA Solution Path / Maturity Model

  • Colleen Nagy will lead.
  • Leo Fernig and Scott F will help align with the Learning Reference Architecture WG.
  • Kasia Azzara will participate

SOA Working Group
This group has wrapped up its meeting
Now focusing on finishing an article for ECAR – first draft by Feb 1 and final by mid-Feb

Face2Face 2013 & (un)Conference 2013
Plan to do a Joint Review of the Top 10 Issues with CIO CG

ITANA Wiki Content Management
Still looking for help with content management for the ITANA wiki.
Contact Jim Phelps if you can assist.
Q: How much effort?
A: It's periodic helping with wiki, figuring out what needs to go where.

  • Along with Jim and other active members, it's taking a leadership role in keeping consistency and coherence
  • Helping with sticking to a uniform vision of what we are going to convey, but be adaptable to new things
  • Is valuable to have that consistency in the communications
  • This is critical to our success as we have initiatives running at same time

Other Collaboration Spaces, how to engage with ITANA discussion
Google+ Community – picking up steam. About 50 people now.
Google+ Page – used for announcements
Facebook and LinkedIn

UW-Madison Solution Path Diagrams sharing

Clarifies the practice and helps explain the practice of architecture.
AARB home

Comment: this is very useful
JimP: There is some work in front of us, such as A RACI diagram to show out who is responsible for what.

Please share architecture work happening on your campuses during future ITANA calls.

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