Draft Minutes: ITANA call of 17-Jan-2013

Jim Phelps, University of Wisconsin - Madison (chair)
Pieter Enslin, NWU South Africa
Dan Brint, SUNY
Kasia Azzara
Lonnie Francescatti
Orri Gartner, U. of Colorado
Tony Wong, U of Manitoba
Rich Stevenson, University of Maryland University College
Vinay Varguhese, Weill Cornell Medical College
Glenn Donaldson, Ohio State University
Scott Fullerton, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Leo Fernig, University of British Columbia
Chris Eagle, University of Michigan
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2 (scribe)


Current Activities Check-In

Box Screen to Screen

There will be a Screen2Screen discussing Box.com on Wednesday, Jan 31, at 2 pm EST.
Send questions to Chris Eagle ahead of time or add them to this wiki page:https://spaces.at.internet2.edu/display/itana/Box.com+Screen2Screen+Questions

Andrew Keating, the Internet2 Net+ program manager for Box.com, will be on the Screen2Screen.

Learning Reference Architecture

This group has started meeting. They will meet every two weeks on a Wed.
See minutes at:https://spaces.at.internet2.edu/display/itana/Agendas+and+minutes

Starting EA Solution Path / Maturity Model

  • Colleen Nagy will lead.
  • Leo Fernig and Scott F will help align with the Learning Reference Architecture WG.
  • Kasia Azzara will participate

SOA Working Grouphttps://spaces.at.internet2.edu/display/itana/SOA+Working+Group
This group has wrapped up its meeting
Now focusing on finishing an article for ECAR – first draft by Feb 1 and final by mid-Feb

Face2Face 2013 & (un)Conference 2013
Plan to do a Joint Review of the Top 10 Issues with CIO CGhttp://www.educause.edu/annual-conference/2013

ITANA Wiki Content Management
Still looking for help with content management for the ITANA wiki.
Contact Jim Phelps if you can assist.
Q: How much effort?
A: It's periodic helping with wiki, figuring out what needs to go where.

  • Along with Jim and other active members, it's taking a leadership role in keeping consistency and coherence
  • Helping with sticking to a uniform vision of what we are going to convey, but be adaptable to new things
  • Is valuable to have that consistency in the communications
  • This is critical to our success as we have initiatives running at same time

Other Collaboration Spaces, how to engage with ITANA discussion
Google+ Community – picking up steam. About 50 people now.
Google+ Page – used for announcements
Facebook and LinkedIn

UW-Madison Solution Path Diagrams sharing

Clarifies the practice and helps explain the practice of architecture.
AARB home

Comment: this is very useful
JimP: There is some work in front of us, such as A RACI diagram to show out who is responsible for what.

Please share architecture work happening on your campuses during future ITANA calls.

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