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Attendees:  Jim Leous (Penn State), Christian Johansen (Penn State), Glenn Donaldson (Ohio State), Leo Fernig (UBC), Piet Niederhauser (Georgetown), Wayde Nie (McMaster), Jim Phelps (UW-Madison)
(1)  Opening Comments:  Congrats to Bob Morgan on his Internet2 President’s award.  Well deserved.
(2)  Jim Leous Penn State - What does Information Architecture mean?

  • Does IA include the metadata and the workflow?
  • How does this relate to data architecture?  Information is when you do something with Data.
  • According to Jim P:  Information Architecture is  how users find the information, how you present it in a meaningful way, how do you organize the information.  User Experience is larger than IA but does include it.  
  • Data Architecture has to do with definition of data itself, what elements are included.
  • The early definition of IA started with web design and increasing complexity.
  • Google will get you there in two clicks.   Search has become a new method of IA.  We rely on metadata more than we used to.  Rather than placement and correct links, we rely on metadata and search.  We are optimizing for search.  This leads to problems with look-alike sites and search spamming.
  • Piet Niederhausen (Georgetown):  This was the "classic" IA book from the web developer perspective.  Peter Morville later tried to redefine it as "findability", but I don't think that term caught on as much ...
  • But still ½ of people still rely on navigation not just search.  
  • Higher Education's web presence is tightly coupled to our organizational structure and our internal language.  We are inherently incoherent.

(3)  Working Group / Peer-Group Check-In and Laundry List of Activities

  • SOA Working Group Check-In:  SOA Survey has been updated.  Version 2 in now live.  You can now start and come back to it in the future.  Leo will test it and then send an email.  Then others should follow up.  [|]
  • Leading as an Architect Peer-Group: First meet-up.  We identified 5 items to focus on.  Jim will put on the wiki.
  • EDM and BI - looking for a leader for this effort.
  • Face2Face Planning for 2012 - agenda building.
  • New2HE Peer group
  • Content Management WG

(4)  Content Management for ITANA - Deep Dive
    Would the CoRAModel or other metamodel be the organizational model for content at least on one dimension.
    To carry on the conversation, who will participate: Christian, Piet (Lead), Wayde, Jim P

  • Twitter Account
  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn Group
  • Web Site
  • Wiki   (Sub-sites, library)
  • email archive
  • Google+ Page
  • YouTube channel


  • Surveys 
  •     Formal Surveys
  •     Ad Hoc email surveys
  • Agenda's and Minutes
  • Diagram or Model we email around
  • Calendar type information
  • Working group information
  • Working group working artifacts (Minutes, notes, pre-publication items)
  • Face2Face deliverables
  • Announcements of upcomming events (WG meetings, Peer-groups, Face2Face)
  • Announcements of interesting things
  • URLs of interest
  • emails
  • Ad Hoc Case Studies
  • Ad Hoc product input
  • Presentations / captures or presentations

    Gaps and HighValue in Assets 

  • More Formal Publications of Findings (Gap)
  • Formal Survey Results
  • Best Practices type documents (from other sites)
  • Best Practices type documents ITANA created
  • Calendar 
  • Event Announcements 
  • Presentations document
  • Presentation captures (Gap)
  • Anything someone took the time to organize and present
  • Ad Hoc email survey findings (Gap)

    Other Issues

  • How have we created content in the past?   How might we change that for the future?  Whose responsibility is it to channel the content to the higher value location/channel?
  • Does depositing in a repository = communication about the artifact?
  • Are channel currators the best organization?  Topic curration seems very difficult - the currator has to cross all the channels
  • Search across all the channels from one place.  
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