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Volunteers for SOA Survey Testing

  • JimLeous(PSU): Jim Leous is interested
  • Keith Hazelton:
  • Sharif Nijim (Notre Dame):

Develop a charge for sub-teams that includes the publication and outreach goals for the team. (Jim Phelps, Paul Hobson)

Establish a New to Higher Education peer-group within ITANA (Chris Eagle, Jim Phelps and ?)

  • What would people like to get out of it? 
  •  How would we gather agenda items?

Blog posts - planning ahead. One possible topic would be EDM

Capture Panel Discussions

  • Intro to the topic - What is it, how do you use it, why is it valuable
  • More Advanced: Case Studies of actual practice, what parts were useful, what was problematic, how did you get buy-in 
  • Topics: TOGAF, Zachman, Archimate
  • Training and Certification, Modeling Languages, Tools, Templates and Artifacts at the Application Architecture Level, Practices Policies and Procedures that help make it concrete, 
  • Architecture Patterns: SOA, EDM
  • Outreach to Business Partners - Partners you should be working with or partnerships you should be trying to create

Panel Discussion: EA WG - ITANA on your campus as a way of getting buy-in

  • UW Madison and Penn State, UBC

Face2Face 2012 Planning

  • Like the ability to network with people. Break down into the newbie, been doing it a while, longtimers then remix the folks
  • Pool the groups earlier - self-identify early on
    • JISC (rough) description of EA maturity:
      • Explorer: researching, investigating EA, identifying potential change projects, developing a case
      • Adopter: planning, orienting, engaging with colleagues, designing a live project
      • Implementer: initial project under way, with training and support
      • Achiever: First results, impact and value evident - may be hard to quantify at this stage
      • Practitioner: EA is an established professional approach for strategic change and development
  • Instructor-led training for the EA 101 portion first thing, then all together later on (can we get multiple rooms for the day for break out sessions?)
  • Case Studies

Other meetings we should present at: e.g. AACRAO

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