Provide a brief description of this method.

In general, what are the goals or outcomes of this method? What is it supposed to communicate, analyze, or achieve?

In general, what contexts is this method used in? What is it meant to help us understand? (For example, IT services or solutions, business capabilities, processes, information)

In general, what is the scope of this method? How broadly or narrowly is it used? (For example, in strategy, planning, portfolio management, service management, within a business domain, within a project)

Where did this method originate?


Provide one or more different scenarios in which this method could be used.

In each case, who are the participants or the audience being communicated with? What is the scope? What are the goals or outcomes?


What skills are needed to apply this method? What roles should lead this method? (For example, enterprise architect, business architect, solution architect, project manager)

What are the general steps in applying this method?

Does this method involve learning some new terms? Define them.

Does this method involve creating particular artifacts? Are there templates? For details, feel free to link to external resources.

Are particular tools useful or recommended for creating these artifacts?


How can the outcomes of this method be communicated or promoted/marketed to others?


Provide one or more examples where this method has been applied.

If possible, link to example artifacts, and discuss how the example illustrates the goals of this method. What effect or value did using the method have?

Are there examples of when not to use the method? (Lessons learned, antipatterns)

Related Methods

After using this method, what methods would it make sense to use next? Link to each method, and discuss how it follows from this method.

Before this method, are there other methods that it would be helpful to have completed?


  • Link to articles, presentations, etc., describing the method
  • Link to examples where the method has been applied


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