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Level 2

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Level 5

Attribute A
Scope Definition

The initial scope consists of identified opportunities with potential to realize the value proposition.

The initial scope is validated through key engagements and optimized to best realize the value proposition.

The scope is clearly defined, and the value proposition widely understood.

The scope is regularly evaluated and processes to implement changes are in place.

Investment is regularly made in validating new opportunities to expand scope.

Attribute B

Key stakeholders, ready to explore and support EA capabilities, are identified and relationships with them are established.

Engagements strengthen existing stakeholder relationships and form new professional relationships.

Key stakeholders value and advance EA within the organization. A network of professionals engaged in EA activities forms.

EA practitioners are welcomed and integral to the processes of stakeholder organizations.

The EA practice is a trusted business partner to its key stakeholders.

Attribute C
Impact Assessment

The organizational context is assessed and potential measures of the value proposition are identified.

Outcomes of key engagements are measured against the value proposition using qualitative assessment methods.

Outcomes are measured against the value proposition using established assessment methods and defined metrics.

Cost benefit is optimized using assessment data and operational costs.

New and alternative measures are explored, evaluated and adopted to improve assessment accuracy.

Attribute D

Potential methods are identified to deliver the value proposition within the defined scope.

Delivery methods are validated through key engagements and refined to improve outcomes.

Delivery methods are well defined and expected outcomes repeatable.

Delivery methods are regularly evaluated, and processes are in place to implement improvements.

New and alternative delivery methods are explored and evaluated.

Attribute E

The vision, business case and initial organizational structure for the EA practice is identified.

The EA capability is approved by the organization. EA resources are identified and charged. Progress towards the value proposition is tracked and reported to stakeholders.

The EA program has a clear and measured value proposition. Proper financial and staffing resources are available. The program is embedded within the organizational structure of the organization.

The EA practice has processes in place to regularly evaluate its value proposition and to adjust to opportunities and constraints.

The EA practice engages in strategic thinking and long-term planning.

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