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This top level core capability includes capabilities that enable the learner. The RATL takes the point of view that the learner is a part of the enterprise for a period of time, and therefore the enterprise has learning capabilities.

Subordinate Capabilities



Learning Plan

Plan the learner's progress, based on the learner's goals for applying their acquired competencies.


Advise learners based on their goals, learning plan, and assessment results. May also include proactive advising in the form of intervention.

Learning Experience

Progress toward desired competencies through interaction with an instructor, learning component, and/or other learners.

Group Collaboration

Enable learners to work together and produce artifacts in groups.

Learner Content Management

Store and re-use the artifacts produced by learners.

Portfolio Management

Enable learners to organize their work in a professional portfolio.

Working Group Documents

Related Capabilities

This core capability supports the strategic capabilities:

It relies on the supporting capabilities:

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