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Prepare materials (handoff from and extension of Instructional design)

  1. Reserve materials
  2. Establish schedule
  3. Create syllabus
  4. Create/modify course description
  5. Define student texts/materials/requirements
  6. Define how students acquire/access resources
  7. Define environment requirements
  8.   Re purposematerials

Manage environment

  1. Publish/activate course materials
  2. Setup environment (seats, projector, doc camera, delivery sys, microphone, configuring tools, collecting beakers)
  3. Establish rules of engagment (ie chem

Review learner characteristics

  1. Give access to guests
  2. Determine correct population
  3. Determine useful characteristics of students
  4. Capture student specific goals
  5. Identitfy learning patterns

Manage groupings

  1. CRUD ad-hoc groups
  2. CRUD formal groups
  3. CRUD support groups (TA's, markers, lab technicians)
  4. Define resources for groups

Engage students

  1. Build relationships
  2. Motivate
  3. Deliver content
  4. Mentor
  5. Model desired behaviour
  6. Instruct (or provide initial direction)
  7. Question
  8. Collaborate
  9. Provde feedback (informal)
  10. Moderate discussions (forums)
  11. Collect feedback (eg clickers)
  12. Track engagment (link to early warning)

Manage assessments

  1. Conduct/proctor exams/tests
  2. Evaluate tests/exams
  3. Apply rubrics
  4. provide feedback (verbal/written)
  5. Assign outcome/grade
  6. Record outcome/grade
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