These are the action items from the most recent ITANA meeting.

Action Items - 16 September 2010

(AI) - Jim - will ping list to see if there is still interest in SOA Discussion and Screen2Screen on the Topics of Interest.

Action Items - 05 August 2010

(AI) - Jim P. - will contact Mark McConahay (Indiana) to discuss next steps in outreach work with RO community.

(AI) - Mike - will discuss University of Michigan's IT audit methodology on a future call.

Action Items - June 17, 2010

(AI) - Jim L. - will find out how to access their AccessGrid points at their respective institutions. Note: Oren completed his AI. Sent the info to the list.

Action Items - May 27, 2010

(AI) (Jim) will ping list for other campuses doing ESB for the Screen-2-Screen.

Action Items - May 13, 2010

(AI) (Ron) will take charge of workflow graphical modeling tools, and ping Keith when it is posted to the wiki.

Action Items - April 1, 2010

(AI) (Jim P.) will champion Data Governance and Organizational Maturity and will bring up discussion at a future call or by email

Completed in the past cycle

(AI) - Jim - will share link to UW-Madison's Enterprise Business Objects (EBO) document with list.
(AI) - Scott - will update the Enterprise Portal questionnaire online to reflect the revisions that address those organizations that are not implementing portals.
(AI) - Jim - will send out a survey to gage interest in and availability for the F2F meeting.
(AI) - Jim - will ping list for a third institution that is doing work with Framework/Architecture Tools for a possible S2S. (UW Madison and Penn State would also present.)
(AI) - Scott - will write up a cover letter to send out with the Enterprise Portals questions.
See Scott's email on Sept 16, 2010
(AI) (Scott) will email the Enterprise Portals questions to members of the self-selected group within one week, and post the results to the wiki.
(AI) (Jim Helwig) will cross-post the Enterprise Portals questionnaire results to Jasig.
(AI) - Jim - will post the 2010 AACRAO Tech presentation slides to the wiki.
Completed. You can find the slides at

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