From the May 3, 2012 meeting of the Content Management Working Group.

Personas are intended to “make real” the most important users we serve, so that we can later evaluate our proposals against what our users would want, and what we want from them. Personas are roles; one person could have more than one, or move between them.

Casual Visitor

Probably an IT or business leader with some interest in architecture. They are visiting one of the ITANA channels.

  • Wants to know:
    • Is there content here that will help me?
    • What is this ITANA thing; is it relevant to me?
  • ITANA wants to:
    • Help them with their own goals (service goal)
    • Make them a member if appropriate (outreach goal)
    • Make them understand what ITANA is and why it is important (educational goal)

Focused Visitor

Could be a CIO or other leadership looking for resources for their organization

  • Wants to know:
    • What previous work has been done
    • Want to get their people engaged
    • Want to engage ITANA on a topic
    • Just starting up an architecture group / doing ground work
    • Starting a local ITANA-like group / looking for how we operate
  • ITANA wants to:
    • Engage them
    • Assist in their effort
    • Participate, for example through a visit, or help with a specific issue
    • Encourage them to bring their questions to the list


Has joined the Educause constituent group and therefore is on the mailing list. Sometimes follows the mailing list or joins a call

  • Wants to know:
    • What content has ITANA produced (or surfaced) lately that might help me?
    • Are there events or activities coming up that are relevant to me?
  • ITANA wants to:
    • Help them with their own goals (service goal)
    • With resources that address specific problems or projects
    • With professional development and education on the practice of architecture
    • Enable them to bring in other Visitors or Members (outreach goal)
    • Connect them with peers (community building)
    • Understand their needs and possible future work
    • Understand their areas of expertise - where we might leverage them
    • Make them a Participant


Is currently actively contributing – to email threads, on ITANA calls, in a working group, in a F2F meeting, etc.

  • Wants to know:
    • How do I contribute? (mechanics of contributor tools)
    • When and where do I engage?
    • What are others contributing? (collaboration)
    • How will what I contribute be used? What’s the long term value of my contribution? (motivation)
    • Is there past content I can refer to in this discussion? (context)
  • ITANA wants to:
    • Capture all contributions in some form
      • In conversations (email, etc.)
      • In minutes
      • In working documents
      • In more formal finished products
    • Identify contributions that are (or could become) long term resources
    • Let others know what is being contributed and encourage them to contribute on the topic
    • Enable participants to know about each other; connect with peers; maintain a profile