What should ITANA work on after the Face 2 Face meeting?  Post your ideas here.

Here are some starter ideas just to seed the page and stir.  (see also: CSG EA Presentation)

Study of EA models, organizational models, maturity models and effectiveness

  • What IT Architecture models work in different organizations at different maturity levels.
  • Which modes fit which organizational models (as per Enterprise Architecture as Strategy)
  • Framework for aligning the organization and architectural maturity

Joint training events

  • Bredemeyer EA course at St Lois
  • MagicDraw UML session

Tool Evaluations 

  • UML Modeling tool comparisons

Phone calls structured around "business owners"

  • "Invite your Registrar to the call this friday" Let's talk about what EA means to them
  • What about State / Federal liaisons  State - Public and State Higher Ed

FUTURE ACTIVITIES (From the Face 2 Face meeting):

Architectural Maturity Model and Architectural Implementation Model - survey of institutions (see EA Facets)
  • What role does build vs. buy play in how architecture is done at an institution?
  • What about Open Source participation?
  • Basis for Peer directory
Presentation at EDUCAUSE about the Role of Architecture and the Value of Architecture
Role of the vendors (Burton, Gartner, IBM, Sun) in this space:  good experiences, bad experiences, when does it make sense to bring them in.
Running similar applications:  collaboration on integration of these applications
Discussions around data management:
  • not storage but metadata management.
  • What storage type is good for which types of data (Web servers, file store, WebDAV).
  • Data management in a SOA
Common Integration Points with a variety of applications and external service providers. 
  • Common  requirements for service providers. 
  • What are the questions that we are asking?
  • Exit strategies and get back (not just the data but) the rich integration and relationships and metadata that surrounds it.
On-going discussion about collaboration tools
Change Management tools and processes 
Taxonomy of Pain - what are the pain points and how do we fix them.

Budget Processes that focus on localized cost not overall cost. (Activity Based Costing as an example)

Developer Incentives that reward engaging architecture vs. low-cost / on-time

Project Management Mindset is tied to a broken budget model

What is EA roles in governance?

What carrots? 

Common Use Cases.
  • Especially something like Outsourcing Email which we all seem to be looking at right now
Peer Directory and Peer review of work.