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Options (March 2010)

We have several options in front of us at this time:

  1. We could meet with AACRAO Tech. ITANA would have a track on Monday (5 sessions) and the room on Tuesday (1/2 day or whole day is unknown).
  2. We could use just the track day with AACRAO Tech and then set up a separate Face2Face meeting
  3. We could just do the separate Face2Face meeting as a standalone meeting
  4. We could wait until Fall and meet with Internet2 Fall Member Meeting
  5. We could do AACRAO Tech Monday Track only and then I2 FMM

Notes from the Face2Face Questionnaire Sub-team Calls

Members: Mike Daley (U. Michigan), Jim Phelps (UW-Madison), Ron Thielen (U Chicago), Eric Westfall (Indiana U)

Call dates and times:
(1) Monday, February 1, 2010 at Noon CST (1PM EST, 11AM Mountain, 10AM Pacific)
(2) Wednesday, February 3, 2010 10AM CST (11AM EST, 9AM Mountain, 8 AM Pacific)

Note: we will use the usual bridge but with a different PIN: 0149189

Seed questions from Ron:

  • Question 1: What is our goal for having a face-to-face meeting? Networking? Producing one or more work products? Forming one or more subgroups tasked to produce some product?
  • Related question: What would a successful face-to-face meeting look like? How many people would have attended? What would the interactions be like?
  • Question 2: Do we want to pick some reasonable (where we define reasonable) set of topics for a face-to-face meeting? If so, what? Alternatively, do we want to poll the ITANA list for topics of interest, make a call for presentations?
  • Question 3: How many days? 1? 1.5? 2? ...
  • Question 4: Where and when? Should it be co-located with some other event a large number of us are likely to attend? Again, should we be polling the list for suggestions or just drawing on our considerable knowledge?
  • Question 5: Will we need handicapped access for Jim?
    To which, Jim says, "I hope not".

February 1, 2010

Attendees: Ron Thielen, Mike Daley, Jim Phelps, Eric Westfall

Fundamental Question: what is the goal(s) of having a Face2Face meeting.

Previous meetings went really well. What made them a success? Hard to say. Meeting people from other circles who you don't see as part of your regular travels is a good thing.

Previous meeting in 2008 that was cancelled had three different sections: Presentations, Feedback Sessions and Working Group Time.

We should have the list participate in the Agenda development. Here is a list of topics that are a seed-list of topics. Do this in a wiki-ish way. Use Adobe Connect to brainstorm on the topics, types of sessions, deliverables from the meeting.

A separate issue: what is the value of ITANA in general to the folks on the list?

Unique Value to Face2Face Meetings:

  1. Meeting new people / networking
  2. Find the different toolsets people are using (Frameworks and mindsets)
  3. Work together on deliverables
  4. Brainstorming

Possible Agenda Items:

  1. Finalize an Enterprise Workflow product at the meeting
  2. Focus on the things were there is a high possibility of reuse across the membership

Possible Questions to ask the group

  1. If you were in a forum with a bunch of architects, what would you like to ask them?
  2. List the top three architectural challenges that you are facing at your institution?

Unconference Possibility

  1. Establish a Theme
  2. Build an agenda on the fly
    There is a risk of people not being able to get travel if there isn't a well established agenda.

Next Steps

  1. Poll the ITANA List to find out their interest and to build the agenda.
  2. Set up an Adobe Connect Brainstorming to think about topics
  3. Look at the EDUCAUSE Notes to find additional topics

Action Items

(AI) Jim ask Dean if we can get Adobe Connect for the February 18, 2010

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