ITANA Face2Face 2008 - Presentations and discussion notes are being uploaded now. Did you attend? Add your comments to the the wiki. Need help getting started? See the Spaces Instructions for help.

Date: June 18, 2008
Time: 9AM to 5PM
Location: Hilton Minneapolis

The presentations and some notes are on the linked page for each topic.

If you have notes or blog posts, please add a link or your notes to the wiki page for each topic.  

Follow-on Activities from the Face 2 Face:

  • Data Management - set up a survey, working with the Data Administrators CG, on data management
  • Case Studies - set up a series of pod-casts case studies on "How Architecture is Implemented on Your Campus"
  • Selling Points - develop a selling points document, pod-casts, white paper on selling points for implementing and supporting an EA/IT Architecture group
  • Business Rules Repository - post a set of links and documents that talk about what a Business Rule Repository is and its function in the enterprise
  • As ITANA Grows - develop a plan for the future as ITANA grows

Follow-on Activities from the Survey

  • A resource directory on Architecture on the wiki
  • Let's discuss OUTREACH activities, to show how EA can make a difference in fulfilling our mission. Also, I'd like to see some discussion on how EA leaders can influence HR decision-making on staffing, in the context of role-development and growing the awareness of potential career-path trajectories surrounding the EA role, as well as those roles impacted by EA.
  • consider a series of JOINT MEETINGS with various EduCause constituent groups, such as the CIO group, or especially, the STRAT PLANNING group.




Session Leader




9:00 to 9:15 AM

Welcome, logistics et al - Opening Remarks F2F2008

Jim Phelps

9:15 to 10:15 AM

Session 1 - Tools of the trade

Tom Barton


We'll showcase some of the tools, methodologies, artifacts, techniques, or tactics that we use to engender increased architectural coherence across the infrastructures and business & operational processes we're connected with. The session will help us to think about the range of ways in which we might influence others by use of the tools with which we engage them.


10:15 to 10:30 AM



10:30 to Noon

Session 2 - Case Studies: Architecture on Your Campus

Jim Hooper


This session will focus on Case Studies from several institutions including: Descriptions of ongoing Enterprise Architecture programs in your university. How, Who, What, and any impacts the program has had/is having on your IT environment. Descriptions of specific projects that have been significantly impacted (positively) by the Enterprise Architecture program.


Noon to 1:00PM



1:00 to 2:30 PM

Hot Topics - Data Management

Klara Jelinkova


There is a rich set of metadata and middleware needed to support the data classification we are starting to put in place for at least business applications. And the need will become even greater once we develop the same classifications for all of our institutional data including research data. Institutions seem to have a pretty good handle at least theoretically on business data. But once we start to cross over to other assets such as data associated with research, teaching and learning most IT organizations seem to give up. That type of data is viewed by most IT organizations in our institutions as someone else's problem. However it is an important IT and security problem. With collaborative research taking place everywhere how do we classify the research data, protect it while the research is going on and then enable everyone to see after the research is published? How do we collaborate with the libraries on this one? How do we arrive at data management policies that cut across the whole institution? What are some of the examples of institutions doing it successfully today?


2:30 to 2:45



2:45 to 3:45

Hot Topics - Security Architecture

Steve Kellogg


I will present on Penn State's current and future strategies for Identity and Access Management along with our efforts to affect better security of the endpoints. I am looking for other presentations on topics related to enterprise security architecture. Suggested topics might be other's take on identity and access management, network security measures, multi-tiered service provisioning, social engineering, computer forensics, or any number of other topics that make up what we think of as components of a security architecture.


3:45 to 4:00



4:00 to 4:45

Hot Topics - Your items here

Jim Phelps

4:45 to 5:00

Closing Remarks

Jim Phelps

Registration List




Ann West

Internet2/EDUCAUSE/Michigan Tech

Program Manager

Brendan Bellina

University of Southern California

Identity Services Architect

Charles Kline

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Manager of Network Engineering and Development

Chris Aburime

Minnesota State Colleges & Universities

Systems Architect

Curtis Bray

UC Davis

Middleware Architect

Daniel Davis

Cornell University

Chief Software Architect - Fedora Commons

Daniel Fishman

MGH Institute of Health Professions

Software Architect

David Purcell

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Systems Architect

Duffy Gillman

University of Arizona

Enterprise Systems Architect

Gary Windham

The University of Arizona

Senior Enterprise Systems Architect

James Hooper

Saint Louis

University Enterprise Architect

Jenifer Brauen

University of Puget Sound

Director of Database Services

Jeremiah Adams

University of Colorado

IT Architect

Jill Gemmill

Clemson University

Executive Director, Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration

Jim Leous

Penn State

Team Leader

Jim Phelps


Sr. I.T. Architect & Chair, ITANA

John Spadaro

Brown University

Director of Technical Architecture and Outreach

Jon Giltner

University of Colorado, ITS

Director IT Architecture & Analysis

Karl Pehler

Minnesota State Colleges & Universities

Systems Architect

Ken Klingenstein


dir, mw + sec

Kevin Miller

Duke University

Assistant Director, Communications Infrastructure

Klara Jelinkova

Duke University

Director, Computing Systems

Liz Wendland

University of Minnesota

Software Developer

Mark McCahill

Duke University

Architect, Computing Systems

Mark Poepping

Carnegie Mellon University

Head Architect

Mark Young

University of Puget Sound

Director, Network & Server Systems

Michael Daley

University of Michigan

Techincal Infrastructure and Capacity Planning Manager

Michael Enstrom

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Enterprise Data Architect

Michael Halm

Pennsylvania State University

Senior Strategist

Molly Tamarkin

University of Puget Sound

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Bladl

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Sr. Systems Administrator

Rahul Thadani

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Lead Systems Analyst

Reed McEwan

Univ of Minnesota - TC

Software Engineer

RL "Bob" Morgan

University of Washington

Senior Technology Architect

Rob Carter

Duke University

Consultant, IT

Roland Hedberg

Umea University

IT Architect

Ron Thielen

The University of Chicago

Enterprise Architect

Stefan Wahe

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Senior Information Security Analyst

Steve Kellogg

Pennsylvania State University

Director, Applied Information Technologies

Tom Barton

University of Chicago

Sr. Director for Integration

Tom Zeller

Indiana University

Senior Technology Analyst

 This event is sponsored by EDUCAUSE and Internet2.

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