1) Meeting Attendees (11 folks):

Kevin Edwards, University of North Carolina/Charlotte,
Dan Rousseue, University of ND (assume this is North Dakota), dan@nd.edu
Katie Rose, University of NotreDame, katie@nd.edu
Greg Ritz, RIT, gdrits@rit.gov - sorry, I can't seem to read this
person's handwriting well.
Tom Knab, Case Western Reserve University, thomas.knab@case.edu
Tom Jackson, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, tom.jackson@uncp.edu
Brendan Bellina, University of Southern California, bbellina@usc.edu
Phillippe Hanset, University of Tennessee - Knoxville, phanset@utk.edu
Rory O'Neill, University of Alaska, ror@alaska.edu
Chris Bonhorst, Pima Community College, cbonhorst@pima.edu
Ralf Seidel, Stellenbosch University, Ralf@sun.ac.za

Everyone except for Brendan Bellina, who is already a member of the
EDUCAUSE CG, wanted to be added to the listserv and membership.

2) Notes from introduction and hot topic discussion agenda item:

We first went around the room and everyone introduced themselves and their "hot" topics or pain points. I then took the liberty of pulling some slides from your 2009 presentation to present an overview of ITANA and these slides are attached. I hope you don't mind this format.

The topics that came up are:

a) The most common hot topics that came up had to do with
Identity Management/security, Cloud computing, Virtualization and VMWare, Disaster recovery at all layers of the stack and capturing dependencies, centralized campus Document Imaging/OCRing, and establishing a process for the RFP and procurement - especially with faculty and academic units.

b)Training in EA was discussed. One person wanted to know what the typical roles were within an enterprise architecture program and the role definition of the architect. I shared the TOGAF9 Skills Framework as one place for reference (The TOGAF9 book is loaded on my laptop).

c) We had a discussion of the various definitions of "Student" and decided that it was all about the business context. There is the Library Student, Bursar Student, Regular student. We had a question about how you federate the definition of a student. Access control for students based on the definition was discussed. Folks seemed to come to consensus that we will continue to need multiple definitions.

d) Growth of integration needs between ERPs, Portals, CMS, and IdM were a hot topic. Kuali Financial System and integration with IdM was touched

e) A discussion ensued about the need for Central IT to support faculty or small departments. Needs identified included Digital signage, the need for more IT standards and structure, and especially the need to create relationship with academic units on procurement.

f) Digital Asset Management also came up in the discussion.

g) The need to break down silos and consolidate data centers came up within the context of the politics and "clutching" of established architectures, standards, and practices - that we need a convergence model.

h) A nice comment from one of the attendees: "Architecture is a vehicle to allow different people to collaborate and understand the impact of
decisions." He also mentioned that central IT is not buying into

i) FISMA and security requirements to meet government grant award
guidelines were also mentioned as a pain point.

Presentation and Follow up Agenda Item:

a) I presented the attached slides to give people an overview of ITANA and shared a printed copy.

b) We went over the question list in the HE CIO EA Survey and everyone was encouraged to go to the ITANA site to get the report results when they become available.

c) We then briefly looked at the TOGAF9 Governance and Maturity model and went over the maturity matrix just as a pointer to what exists that might be of some reference.

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