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This is a place for peers to share their architecture practice at their institutions.
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Compilation of EA Practice At-A-Glance Sections

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    Harvard University's EA Practice
    EA Practice at a Glance

    Year formed

    Submitted byGreg Charest - Enterprise Architect
    Raoul Servier - Enterprise Architect 
    EA team located inCTO Office in Central IT
    Roles on EA teamManager, 2 EAs, 3 Architect Specialist
    NarrativeThe primary foci for the CIO and the EA team have been 1) Alignment, 2) Consolidation, and 3) Optimization. Alignment has been focused on promoting consistent principles, standards, and policies regarding IT capabilities and implementations. Consolidation has been focused on replacing redundant implementations of applications with one consolidated or a multi-tenant solution. Optimization has been focused on packaging IT capabilities as Services and organizing resources for self-service management and delivery.
    MaturityScope Definition (Formed), Engagement (Formed), Impact Assessment (Initiating), Delivery (Initiating), Management (Initiating)
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    Miami University-Ohio
    EA Practice at a Glance

    Year formed

    2013-2018 (In hiatus?)
    Submitted byDana P. Miller-Business Analyst
    EA team is located inCentral IT
    Roles on EA teamBusiness, Application, Technology, and Data Domain Architects
    NarrativeIn response to a consultant recommendation an Enterprise Architect was hired in early 2013. The EA attempted to build out the practice with collaboration with "other duties as assigned" application, technology, and business domain architects. An Enterprise Data Architect was hired in 2015. There were challenges getting organizational buy-in and direction associated with the practice.  The Enterprise Architect left the university in August 2018 and the Enterprise Data Architect left the university in February 2019. 
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    Portland Community College's EA Practice
    EA Practice at a Glance
    Year formed2017
    Submitted byJoe Cheng
    EA team is located inInformation Technology
    Roles on EA teamEnterprise Architect
    NarrativeBy mapping how human and technical systems use information in relation to the College’s mission, and how that use will change as those systems evolve, the Enterprise Architecture office offers insight into how best to design and plan the College’s IT resource investments.
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    University of Washington's EA Practice
    EA Practice at a Glance

    Year formed

    Initial forming started 2011, Director hired in 2013
    Submitted byJim Phelps, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Strategy
    EA team is located inUW-IT (central IT for the UW)
    Roles on EA team

    Director; Enterprise Solutions Architect; two Enterprise Business Architects

    NarrativeOur focus is mostly on the business and solution architecture for the central IT unit. We are working on Strategy Management for UW-IT, refactoring and improving our investment/service management business processes along with solutions for shared DevOps tools and monitoring among other things.
    MaturitySee University of Washington EA Maturity Review
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    University of Waterloo EA Practice Profile
    EA Practice at a Glance

    Year formed

    2013 Initially, Reorganized in 2017 and 2019
    Submitted by

    Maher Shinouda (, Strategic Architect

    Maher Shinouda (ITANA)

    EA team is located inEA function sits in the Project Management Office (PMO) in the Client Services group within Information Systems and Technology (IST).
    Roles on EA teamLead Enterprise Architecture practice and activities
    NarrativeCurrently, EA practice is focused on Application, Technology, and Security architecture within the IST department. The EA interacts with all groups, teams, and SME at various levels within IST and other departments and business units across campus. EA is led by the Strategic Architect working collaboratively with various stakeholders to develop and document enterprise architecture.
    • Scope definition: 2
    • Engagement: 1
    • Impact assessment: 1
    • Delivery: 1-2
    • Management: 1-2
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    Yale University EA Practice Profile
    EA Practice at a Glance

    Year formed

    2014 Initially, Reorganized in 2017
    Submitted by

    Louis King, Enterprise Architect
    Louis E King ( 

    EA team is located inInformation Technology Services
    Infrastructure Design Services
    Roles on EA team

    Director, Enterprise Architect, Senior Solution Architect 


    The Enterprise Architecture and Design Services capability focuses primarily on the application, data, and technology architecture of enterprise services, architectural governance of solution architecture, and digital transformation in a few areas that the team has deep expertise in the business functions of the University.


    Yale University EA Practice Review

    • Scope definition - 3
    • Engagement - 2
    • Impact assessment - 2
    • Delivery - 4
    • Management - 2

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