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This was started on Mach 11, 2016.  This is was captured as we discussed what was happening on various campuses. 

Focus on an area - don't try to boil the whole portfolio. Better to have actionable EA in an area that is ripe for change and worth the strategic investment.

Future State First - Better to know where you are going and what the vision is rather than where you need to leave. This is a good way to bring people together. Starting with current state just inflames current politics and silos. Many can find a common vision of the future who disagree on the current state.

Your architecture processes should be only as heavy as is needed - Don't add overhead and formality unless you have a strong reason to do so. The goal is to deliver value not build bureaucracy

Success will build influence - Start with things you can accomplish and have success in to demonstrate the value of architecture. People will come to you once you have demonstrated success.

Build a community of contributors - this helps you get buy-in and leverage your limited architecture resources