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Draft Enterprise Lifecycle IoT Checklist



Nature of risks

(Financial, operational, reputational, physical) or

(security, arch, and life&health&safety)


(responsible, accountable, consulted, informed)

Glimmer and gleam



  Discovery and outreach to potential acquirers of IoT






  Network issues






  Risk assessment and liability



  Mobile device interactions



  Physical Security



  Data analysis issues






 Environmental Conditions










  Impact on compliance/attestations



Acquisition and Installation



  Vendor customer relationship and support



  Supply chain



  Financials – licensing, devices, warranties



Vendor Background,Financials, References







Deliver and Support



 Device registration/knowledge base



 Analytics access



 Data stewardship issues



 Data location issues



 OTA upgrades and patches



  Device access and control



 Mobile device app maintenance



Monitor and evaluate









 Retire/Replace/Remediate/Retain decisions.  Main point is to ensure timely decomissioning of ineffective or sunset technology (including IoT) and planned assessment of impact, not reactive.





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